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Mono Suits

TOBE 2.0 men's Mono Suits are one piece ski suits, one piece snowmobile suits, and one piece snowbike suits designed to be the best outerwear you ever wear. We've spent years developing our snow suits to be 100% waterproof, 100% windproof and optimally breathable thanks to the Sympatex 45,000mm membrane. Our durable one piece suits are made with Cordura and Armortex fabrics for superior reliability in the backcountry.

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Picture of Ludo Mono Suit, Jet Black

Ludo Mono Suit, Jet Black

The Ludo Collection is designed to excel in a variety of winter environments, making it the mono suit of choice for beginner to intermediate crossover users. Wearers of the Ludo Mono Suit may be skiing or snowboarding one minute, and on a snowmobile the next. No matter where it’s used, it’s never out of place and will perform. This one-piece suit features a 3-layer construction that is lightweight and technical, so regardless of the activity, it will help keep you out there all day. With its 20,000mm membrane, the Ludo Mono Suit is 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, and optimally breathable, all at an accessible price.
Picture of Vivid Mono Suit, Jet Black

Vivid Mono Suit, Jet Black

Winter is not for everyone, but we are a unique breed. Some of us stand on running boards, others in bindings, but we all share the same fundamental needs when it comes to outlasting the elements. We crave function, simplicity, quality and most of all, performance. The Vivid series is the answer we’ve been seeking. Inspired from our time spent on snow machines, skis and snowboards, often in the same day, we are proud to present our most functional and versatile collection yet.