Andreas Zweibrot




Name: Andreas Zweibrot


Age: 32


Hometown: Schönfeld, Austria


Current location: Kolbnitz, Austria


Sport: Freeride Snowboard


Riding style: "I'm always searching for the fastest way down the mountain. Going straight down a gully is the best feeling for me, and I also love to drop nice cliffs!"


How did you get your start: “I grew up in Schönfeld, a small ski and freeride area in the middle of Austria. I started skiing when I was 3. After years of alpine skiing, I saw some people snowboarding in pow - they were surfing down, building a small kicker to do some grabs and hanging around having a lot of fun together. From that point, I decided to learn how to ride with on one board instead of two. I think I was around 9 or 10 when I started building kickers next to my parents’ house where I learned my first tricks. I did this nearly every day after school. After several years of freestyle, I was searching for new adventures with my board and start competing in the Freeride World Tour qualification."


Favorite TOBE Gear: “The Novo Bib because of the 45k waterproofing and Armortex® Kevlar® leg cuffs and inner calf. You will never destroy this bib!”


What makes TOBE the ideal gear for you? “When you are outside on a mountain for more than just 3 or 4 hours, you must have a outerwear that you can trust to keep you dry. That’s it.”


Favorite zones: “Mölltaler Glacier, Großglockner, Hakuba/Nagano, Verbier”


Plans and goals for this season: “After some crashes last year, I have to score some points and will continue to fight for a place in the FWT.”


Biggest Accomplishment:  “1st place at Austrian Freeride Series. 3rd place at FWQ 2016”

Inspiration: " Nature and big mountains."


Anything else people should know about you: "I want to also thank everyone that helped me after my injury to come back to what I love."


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