Kim Onasch



Name: Kim Onasch

Birthday: October 30th

Hometown: Silverthorne, Colorado

Current location: Silverthorne, Colorado

Sport: Backcountry Snowmobile

Riding style: ”I absolutely love the challenge of mountain riding. I mainly ride trees on my home turf, and it is so much fun getting to the top of something tight and gnarly!"

How did you get your start: "I got into snowmobiling as a way to get my skis up the mountain. That lasted for about a week..."

Favorite TOBE Gear: “I would have to say my Vivid Monosuit, because it is light, bright, and dry!”

What makes TOBE the ideal gear for you? "This is a funny story... I was actually looking for a Mono Suit a few years back, and had never heard of TOBE. Matt Entz knew this, and mentioned that Tomas, the owner of some company that made mono suits was riding with us that day. I met Tomas in a snowstorm, riding Wolf Creek Pass, and asked him if I could buy a mono suit from him, so excited that I had actually found one made for riding snowmobiles! ... and the rest is history!”

Favorite zones: “If I told you, I'd have to kill you!”

Plans and goals for this season: "To travel and ride as much as I can! I'm thinking Dan Gardiner has something gnarly in mind for me, he usually does... it's always a surprise when I show up to ride with the Boondockers Movies Crew!"

Biggest Accomplishment: “Teaching Ladies Clinics with Matt Entz and Mountain Skillz. I love inspiring others to learn, and it is just as much fun for me as it is for them to see them progress and have fun with the sport!”

Inspiration: "My husband Adam. He is my favorite riding partner for many, many reasons. He is always pushing his boundaries. He taught me how to be the rider I am. He is patient. He always puts me first. I can't say enough! Even though you might hear me swearing at him over the radio for challenging me in the backcountry, I wouldn't be the rider I am today without his inspiration, crazy challenges, and the fact that he can get me out of ANY situation I MIGHT end up in, LOL!"

Anything else people should know about you: "I am not good at showing up early to ride. Why, you might ask? Because I have 3 camels, a horse, and 2 Great Danes that are so hard to leave in the mornings! I love spending time with my animals. A typical day for me is spending a couple of hours at home in the morning, making sure everyone gets lots of attention before we leave. We're usually riding by noon, and riding out in the dark. On the other hand, yes, if it snows 3' I'll get up really early!"

Kim Onasch’s Kit 

Kim Onasch wearing the TOBE Outerwear Vivid Mono Suit 

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